How to Choose the Best Call Center Headset


In a call center, good quality sound is essential for customer calls. With the right headset, your employees will be able to hear their customers clearly and provide them with the best experience possible. However, there are many different types of headsets on the market and they vary in terms of audio clarity, noise cancellation, and features. So, how do you choose the best call center headset for your needs?

To find the best call center headset for your team, look at its weight, comfort, microphone, and battery life. You also want to ensure that it’s compatible with your desk phones. Look for headsets that have an in-line volume control to adjust the level of your calls and a microphone that is positioned close enough to pick up your voice but far enough away to reduce noise.

You should also consider the headset’s earpiece design. Some have single (monaural) earpieces while others have dual (binaural) earpieces that allow your employees to talk with each other without taking off their headsets and offer superior noise reduction. If your employees will be working in a loud call center, opt for a headset with noise-canceling technology to minimize ambient noise.

You can also choose between wired and wireless headsets depending on your call center’s needs and infrastructure. Wired headsets are more cost effective and don’t require batteries or connectivity issues, while wireless models have increased mobility and flexibility. Some headsets can connect via NFC for one-touch pairing, RF for increased range, or Bluetooth for seamless connectivity. best call center headset

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