Productive Families


Productive families are groups of families who develop craft activities to produce high-quality products that meet the needs of local and international markets. In addition, these projects provide a source of income to help families improve their economic conditions and achieve sustainability.

Moreover, these families often benefit from the non-refundable financial support offered by the Social Development Bank, as they can obtain financing of up to fifty thousand riyals through financing intermediaries, without the need for a guarantor. The aforementioned support is considered one of the most important incentives for families to invest in their projects and to expand them over time.

However, it is essential to carefully study the feasibility of a productive family project and its profitability before applying for a loan. This is because the success of these projects depends on a number of factors, such as production costs, demand for products, and local and global market prices.

In addition, a careful feasibility study should also include analyzing the potential for investor support in the productive family’s project. This is because investors can contribute to the project’s profits by providing financial and knowledge support.

The family Umm Noura is an example of a successful productive family, which became well known for its natural soap made from plant ingredients and aromatic oils. It is currently selling its products in health stores and organic shops. أسر منتجة

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