Spider-Man Miles Morales Costume


After completing a bunch of side missions, the Harlem citizens will show their appreciation by rewarding Miles with this suit. It has the same insulating features as a winter suit, including gloves, leg warmers, and earmuffs, plus a gold color scheme that makes Miles feel like the hero for the people.

After being defeated by the Kangaroo and barely understanding his powers, Miles created a new suit to help him fight crime in his neighborhood. It resembled his first one, except it had red webbing that was ingrained instead of protruding, and a hoodie with a spider-logo on it.

In a post celebrating the fact that Miles had become gold, Insomniac revealed the first of five other alternate suits for this interdimensional hero. Similar to Peter Parker’s cel-shaded suit from the previous game, it gives Miles a cartoony look that suits his personality and attitude.

Another suit that was shown off in a promotional image was this variant, inspired by the character’s appearance in Into the Spider-Verse. It gives Miles a more modern-looking suit, which is also heavily inspired by his comics incarnation.

This suit can only be obtained by unlocking it in a New Game+ mode, after beating the game once. It combines the elements of the Red Spectre suit with the technology found in the Encoded suit, which ditches most of the red coloring for a techy gray and orange look. It also adds a hood and a large silver spider symbol to the chest. Spider-man Miles Morales Costume

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