The Physical Demands of Football


Football is a team sport in which the object is to score more goals than the opponent. It is primarily a running game with some passing. The game is played with 11 players on each side, 10 of whom are outfield players and must not use their hands (apart from the goalkeeper who may use his hands inside a penalty area). The teams alternate possession of the ball and attempt to advance it into the opponent’s end-zone to score points. Each team is given four chances, or “downs,” to move the ball 10 yards forward. If they fail to do so, the ball is turned over to the defense. The defense stops the offensive team from advancing by bringing them to the ground, called a tackle.

A successful play results in either a touchdown, an extra point, a field goal or a safety. Six points are awarded for a touchdown, two points for a two-point conversion and three points for a field goal. The team that wins the most points in a regular season is declared the champion of its conference and advances to the playoffs, a single-elimination tournament culminating in the Super Bowl. Despite its reputation as an American sport, football is played in many countries around the world and has numerous variations. In some of these, it is regulated by different authorities and has distinct rules. The physical demands of football help develop muscle tone and improve aerobic capacity. It also increases agility. football

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