UniJoin Review


UniJoin is a crypto mixer that makes it harder for attackers to track users’ cryptocurrency transactions. It works in a similar way as privatizing your site connections and IP address with a VPN. The service mixes Bitcoin holders’ coins in a pool with others, making it impossible to link deposited funds with the recipient. The company says it prioritizes user privacy and keeps no records or logs of any activity.

The platform is easy to use, with an intuitive user interface. Users just need to enter the wallet address they wish to mix, specify a fee for the service, and choose a transfer delay. The longer the delay, the more anonymous a transaction becomes. UniJoin also allows users to set a specific coin distribution for each mix, as well as an optional cap on the total amount of coins sent to each address.

Unlike Tornado Cash, which only facilitates blockchain transactions without taking custody of users’ assets, UniJoin takes on full custody during the mixing process. This helps it to provide a higher level of security and privacy than its competitors. The company also offers a Tor-based browser integration for users who demand an even higher level of privacy.

UniJoin currently only mixes Bitcoin, but the team plans to expand its services to mix Ethereum, Litecoin and Tether. The company claims its mixer is faster than others, allowing users to have their Bitcoin back in about an hour. The company promises it will never take a cut of the coins it mixes, meaning users can be confident in their anonymity when using the service. UniJoin

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