What is a One-off Boiler Repair And Care Offer?


Have you heard about one-off central heating boiler repair and care contracts? They can be a good deal if your boiler is broken and you don’t have existing insurance to cover the repair. If this is new to you, or you think one may suit you, read-on.

The One-Off Boiler Repair and Care Offer is the big new idea which has appeared on the combi gas boiler scene. At least one large boiler manufacturer now offers a fixed price repair and monthly cover, in the form of a repair and care maintenance plan/ annual servicing contract bundle.

This is for people who buy a new boiler ad never look at, or think about it, again until it wears out and breaks down.

Believe it or not, that’s most of us! Until now, many people would go to a big gas utility company which in the UK would most often be a British gas utility company. They sign up for a monthly payment boiler insurance type contract, and unless they read the small print first, call the company and ask for a plumber to call around and do the necessary repair.

At this point the company who’s boiler servicing and repair cover they just bought points out that they are not allowed to make a claim in less than 2 weeks minimum after joining the scheme. Naturally, that leads to massive disappointment and even exasperation on the part of the homeowner suffering from a complete loss of hot water and heating from their combi-boiler.

The big gas utility companies have known this for a long-while but requiring for the one-off repair to be paid for, before their boiler cover kicks-in, is highly profitable to these big companies, so they continue to act in such a cold and heartless manner. This is so insensitive to the needs of the average person who signs up for these policies but until now that’s what those companies have got away with.

Thankfully at least one boiler manufacturer has realised that the lack of action by the big UK gas utilities has given them a great opportunity to enter the market, in the lucrative gas central heating monthly cover market.

They are now offering:

  • initial repair by an expert Gas Safe engineer to get the inoperative boiler back up and running
  • a full refund if they can’t fix your initial fault
  • annual service to help maintain your boiler
  • plus exclusive access to their boiler care portal to help keep your boiler running smoothly, and
  • ongoing maintenance hints and tips to help keep your boiler running
  • with the option to sign up for a monthly boiler care payment plan to cover any future boiler breakdowns.

Their Gas Safe Registered Engineer will give a fixed price quote for the initial repair and take care of the annual service so you can avoid expensive repair bills later. Their fixed-price annual service cost is a very reasonable 90. It includes the call-out fee and labour. You can choose an appointment time that suits you. If there are any problems, their engineer will give you a free no-obligation quote to put things right.

This seems to be a very fair offer. It gives the boiler manufacturers the opportunity to break into the boiler maintenance market. We think that must be a good thing – after all, it will encourage them to make more reliable boilers in future. That’s because every time they go wrong they lose money, money which they could have kept in their pockets if their product was more reliable!

What Happens if a Plumber Cannot Repair Your Boiler?

What if you had only moved into a property a few days previously, found that the heating was faulty, and then it failed completely? You would be delighted if you called in a plumber and within 3 hours of contacting him for help you had central heating boiler repaired. Would you not?

After being very cold with no heating and no hot water, you would be so very grateful for receiving such prompt and efficient service. But, what if the plumber came, spent time looking at your boiler and then said he could not repair it? Normally, you would still have to pay the plumber’s call-out charge, and it would be a complete waste of your money.

This can happen, but it won’t if you engage a plumber on the basis of no-repair no fee. You can do this by making sure to only appoint a plumbing company such as a boiler manufacturer’s accredited maintainer via the boiler manufacturer. That way you get a professional attitude and quality service, and usually the best deal for the maintenance of your boiler. Do this matter what type of boiler you need to be serviced, be it gas, oil, or electric. Good companies will always want to extend the industry standard of high quality to you, the consumer.

The best companies can be really good. Some say it can be as easy as turning a switch off or on when requesting a 24 hour emergency boiler engineer to come and carry out a boiler repair or a service. They may of course find that the solution is as easy as increasing the pressure going into the boiler in some cases, and therein lies a lesson. To have to pay a call-out charge when a combi-boiler simply needs connecting up to the water supply to raise the system pressure is a waste of your hard-earned cash!

No heating or hot water?

Always make sure you have checked the dial on your boiler front before calling an emergency plumber. And, if the pressure is shown to be low (in the red zone) connect the water pipe, open the valve and let water flow in gradually until the dial is showing a higher and “healthy” (green pressure-gauge zone) water pressure.emergency plumbers near me

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